Choosing The Right Coffee Roast For Your Chicago Area Office

Choosing The Right Coffee Roast For Your Chicago Area Office

Coffee is such an important product for so many Chicago area office workers. In fact, it is so vital for most that many Chicago area offices and companies provide coffee free of charge to their employees through an office coffee service. For some companies simply having coffee available isn’t enough, they want to make sure they have the perfect selection of beans and roasts to meet all of their employees’ flavor profile desires.

In order to meet any coffee profile request it is necessary to have a clear understanding of different types of beans and roasts. Generally speaking, most coffee can be categorized in one of three flavor profiles: mild, bold and extra bold.

Coffees with a mild flavor profile can be characterized as not being very overpowering, bitter or strong. Most light roast coffees have a mild flavor profile. Black Diamond Vending carries a wide variety of light roast options including Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend and Peet’s Coffee Colombia Luminosa.

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Coffees with bold bodies tend to have a robust and evident flavor. Bold bodied coffees can come from beans that are anywhere from medium to dark roasts. Some examples of bold coffees that Black Diamond Vending offers include Starbucks French Roast and Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend.

Coffees with an extra bold body flavor are generally derived from dark roasts. These coffees tend to have flavors that are tremendously strong and prominent. Examples of some popular extra bold coffees include Caribou Coffee Mahogany Dark Roast Blend and Newman’s Own Organics Special Extra Bold Blend.

Once there is a clear understanding of which flavor profiles your employees prefer you can determine which roasts are appropriate for the office. The four most popular roasts that Black Diamond Vending provides are light, medium, medium-dark and dark.

Coffee beans that are categorized as light roasts have a subtle light brown color and are free of any surface oils. These beans are used for mild-bodied brews that offer light, aromatic and floral notes in flavor with hints of fruitiness.

The beans for medium roast coffees are a slightly darker shade of brown and also don’t have any oils on their surface. Medium roast coffees are the most popular brews in America and include traditional brands like Folgers and Dunkin Donuts.

Medium-dark roast beans due have a slightly oily surface and are a richer, darker shade of brown than light and medium roasts. These beans also introduce a slightly bittersweet aftertaste to the coffee as well as very profound flavors.

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Dark roast beans are the most unique in coffee as they are almost black in color and are very oily. As these beans get darker the less acidity they contain which produces much more bitterness in the brew. Dark roasts are for coffee drinkers that like a weighty mouth-feel and intense flavors.

Once you have determined which flavor profiles and roasts your employees prefer it is important to find an office coffee service provider who can meet their needs. Black Diamond Vending offers Chicagoland’s broadest portfolio of coffees to fulfill any request ensuring a happy and productive workplace.