Vending Machines in Chicago Area Schools

Vending Machines in Chicago Area Schools

Cafeterias have been common place for many years in Chicago area schools providing students, faculty and employees with a variety of meal options for breakfast and lunch, however when touring any school you will probably notice vending machines on campus as well.

So why do Chicago area schools place vending machines on their campuses? Vending machines provide snack and beverage opportunities for students, faculty and staff before and after classes as well as between meals. Furthermore, commissions generated by the vending machines provide additional revenue for each respective school.

Although vending machines compliment any campus, it is important to make sure that the right equipment and the right products are available as schools can have some unique needs. In some cases vending machines can only be made available during certain hours and in many cases respective schools have dietary standards that must be met.

Black Diamond Vending services some Chicago area schools that can only have vending machines available before and after school due to the contract they have with their cafeteria and food service providers. In these cases, Black Diamond Vending installs vendors that have built in timers on them. To remain in compliance with the food service contract, these vending machines automatically turn on and off at the appropriate times.

Depending on the school, certain dietary restrictions may be placed on the products available in the vending machines. As a general rule of thumb, most schools prefer to have healthier items available in their vending machines as the country continues to battle the childhood obesity epidemic. Black Diamond Vending has a full portfolio of “healthier for you” items that can meet the needs of any Chicago area school.

In the beverage vending machines we place at Chicago area school campuses we generally provide 100% juices, sparkling waters and low calorie new age beverages instead of traditional high calorie/high sugar content sodas. In the snack vending machines at these campuses we typically provide baked goods versus fried products as well as items like granola bars, nuts, fruit snacks and other low calorie/low fat content items.

In addition to providing an extra amenity for students, faculty and staff, many Chicago area schools use their vending machines as a source of additional revenue for their organizations. In many cases, commissions are paid on the products that are sold out of the school’s vending machines. These commissions are often used to help fund extracurricular activities like athletics, clubs, music, theatre and other programs.

If your Chicago area school is looking for a vending company to provide state of the art beverage and snack vending machines for your campus, Black Diamond Vending can meet and exceed all of your school’s needs. Black Diamond Vending provides the appropriate equipment and fills those vending machines with the industry’s best selection of healthy, school friendly products.

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